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Tattoo (Illustration Friday)

Ok, I’m cheating AGAIN. This is an illustration that is heavily inspired by another tattoo I found online. I drew it and my husband colored it. We had it made into temporary tatoos that we are going to give to our guests at our wedding reception in two weeks. So that’s why I haven’t posted much lately. I’m up to my elbows in wedding reception-o-rama.


IKEA Spree

We visited one of our local IKEAs today. It’s alway’s such a mad house, even today because of the holiday. Our goal was to replace the rolling office chairs, that were scratching up our floors, with non-moving chairs. Somehow we ended up with stools. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We were impressed that you could adjust the height and spin around. After trying to sit on them for a while we both became uncomfortable and switched to a kitchen chair and another chair with a back from our storage room. I thought we’d just put them back in the boxes and return them, but I can’t pull them apart to pack them again. Annoying!!! I also got a very cute new tea kettle.