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Manny Blossoms

After a week of hiding in bookcases, under furniture, behind the computer, and in his cat condo, Manny finally got brave and decided to venture out. Now he hangs out most of the day and will look out the window at the birds and meow a high pitched squeaky meow at us, especially when we open the fridge where his beloved canned food is kept. The best yet, he likes to hang out on our Poang chair, in the office with us. This was Black Cat’s favorite chair too. I like to think that he is Black Cat’s great-great-great-great-grandson because they are/were both all black with green eyes and they both came from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. You never know. He’s really turning out to be a very sweet and friendly kitty. Maybe I’m not so bad of a judge of cats after all. 🙂


Looking for Cats

Ok, I have discovered I’m a terrible judge of cats. My last cat, Black Cat, was originally my Mom’s cat. Someone she worked with had a neighbor that needed to give her pets away and that’s how we got her. It was totally random, but it was perfect, because Black Cat was the sweetest most perfect cat for me.

Since she died, we started looking for another cat and found one, Sylvester. Sylvester was cute, but crazzzzeeeeeeeyyyy! They said he was 2 but he acted like a crazed kitten and he would not leave me alone. I was a human trampoline and biting implement. I couldn’t sit on the couch and catch his gaze without him wriggling his butt and pouncing on wherever he landed. One night he landed very hard on my head, ouch. He was a wriggly furry mass of all muscle. I think he would make a good cat acrobat for TV commercials, but he was very aggrevating for me. I couldn’t believe that I would actually bring a cat back, but that’s what happened.


So we were back to looking and looking. There were a few good candidates, Chance, a sweet boy, but he had a lot of energy too, not as much as Sylvester, but enough to make us nervous. Izzy, a friendly boy, but we just weren’t sure. Asia, a shyish, tiny girlcat.




We ended up bringing home Manny yesterday. We sat with him for at least an hour at the adoption show. He let us pet him like crazy. He just sat there. I thought, this is good he’s not trying to bite or anything. We got him home and he stayed in his carrier for about an hour. I opened the carrier and held him for a few minutes, his tail between his legs, terrified. He soon ran under the entertainment center and stayed there for the rest of the evening.


A few hours after we went to bed, I heard some change hitting the floor, he was out and investigating our office where he must have tried to jump on Lance’s desk and fell after landing on slippery papers with coins on them. I found him behind the couch and discovered his food dish empty. Yeah he ate something! I also found little paw divets in the litter box. Yeah he used his litter box! We went back to bed.

This morning we got up, checked his hiding places and couldn’t find him until Lance spotted him in a new cubby hole in our bookcase, and an hour later, he’s still there. Poor shy boy. I’m so used to friendly kitties. I hope he comes out of his shell.