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Peanut Shell Mystery Solved! (maybe)

Just about everyday our neighbor down the street puts out treats for the birds and squirrels. And just about everyday all of our back doors have peanut shells on the landings outside of them. I’ve never seen a creature back there having their breakfast, but I’ve always wondered was it the birds or the squirrels. After a big snowfall yesterday, we had itty bitty squirrel paw tracks on the back landing, so my vote is squirrels use our stairs as a picnic spot.




Bond, James Bond

We saw Casino Royale this weekend and I loved it. I always liked the Bond films and my favorites were with Roger Moore. (Live and Let Die, so cool, even the theme song 🙂 ) The new Bond is great, although it’s a lot grittier and more violent. Not quite as cheeky as Moore, but great in it’s own way.

iStock Rules!

Hi everyone, I found out about iStock from some of the other designers I work with. It’s so awesome and I have been using it for a big project that I’m designing. Then I thought, hmm…maybe I could sell my own illustrations there. So I added some recently and they are starting to sell. So cool! Take a look at my iStock portfolio here.