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I love cupcakes. I buy them at the store every once in a while and I bought a muffin tin last week so I thought I’d try to make my own. I got a mix for the cakes, but all the pre-made frosting at the store had trans fats in them (why?) So I thought, how hard could it be to make frosting? I wanted a creamy frosting that didn’t use shortening and I found a recipe on It called for flour, ok a little weird but it promised creamy frosting. I made it and it was weird. You can taste the flour. Bleh. They look pretty good though. I’m now on a search for a non-yucky frosting for my next attempt.


How Sassy Changed My Life, the book

Wow! just saw a mention of the book How Sassy Changed My Life on Looks like someone made a book about the rise and fall of the former great teen magazine, Sassy.

In 1993 I was chosen to be one of the photographer’s for that year’s Sassy Reader Produced Issue. Every year they would set aside one issue to be written, styled, photographed, modeled, designed etc. by all readers. They flew us out to New York where we spent a week picking out clothes, doing photo shoots, hitting the town. It was fun, not quite as glamourous as I had imagined, and I naively thought it would be a big break for me.

In the end, my career has turned to graphic design and illustration, which I love! I’m glad I was I was lucky enough to be chosen.

Here’s me and the other contributers in that issue.


Some of my photos from the issue.