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Manny Blossoms

After a week of hiding in bookcases, under furniture, behind the computer, and in his cat condo, Manny finally got brave and decided to venture out. Now he hangs out most of the day and will look out the window at the birds and meow a high pitched squeaky meow at us, especially when we open the fridge where his beloved canned food is kept. The best yet, he likes to hang out on our Poang chair, in the office with us. This was Black Cat’s favorite chair too. I like to think that he is Black Cat’s great-great-great-great-grandson because they are/were both all black with green eyes and they both came from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. You never know. He’s really turning out to be a very sweet and friendly kitty. Maybe I’m not so bad of a judge of cats after all. 🙂


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