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Black Cat

Our sweet cat Black Cat died this past week. I’m still so sad. She was a great comfort to me over the years. She was the most unusal cat I ever met. She never hissed at or bit anyone. She was very friendly to anyone who visited. She let me pick her up and kiss her on the nose (my favorite thing). Also, everytime you touched her nose she would lick your finger. She was such a sweetheart. I can’t believe she’s gone. We were never sure exactly how old she was, but we got her as an adult in 1992 so she was at least 15, she could have been as old as 20, we just don’t know. If only cats lived as long as humans. I miss her so much.




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  1. I feel a good comment should be left here about Blackcat. She was the sweetest cat I have ever made friends with, and I have had many cats in my lifetime to know. Few stand out over time. I grew up with more cats than I can count on both hands and she stands highest in the ranks. Right next to Moe. Dandy and Cassius follow close.

    Take care Blackcat…we miss you! It was great to know you. R.I.P.

    Your Good Friend – Lance

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