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The Rumors are True

We went to Kuma’s Corner last night and it was delicious just as everyone has been saying. The staff was very nice even though it was extremely crowded. The food was fantastic. Everyone I was with had various burgers, but I had a chicken sandwich, the “Mastodon”, it had bbq sauce, cheese, and frizzled onions (I skipped the bacon) on a soft and fresh pretzel roll. The sandwiches come with fries that have the skins on them and spicy ketchup on the side. It was well worth the wait. Next time I’m also going to get the Mac N Cheese, I didn’t order it, but it looked fantastic.


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Cloud Sculpture

I found a link to this on Camilla Engman’s blog today. It’s a really cool kinetic sculpture covered in flip dots that are controlled by a computer to move in interesting animated sequences. It was created by Troika Art and Design Studio and can be seen in Terminal 5 in the atrium hall which leads to the British Airways First Class Lounges at London’s Heathrow airport. Click here to see a video of it in action. It’s very calming, perfect for a busy airport.